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Jodie Bean logo design Gryff & Pip

Bespoke logo design for paper craft Etsy shop Gryff & Pip. The client and I went through a long development process which ended up in pairing the logo back and keeping it simple and neutral. Manipulating text shapes and extending them beyond their limits was the fun part for me.

Jodie Bean logo design Wulla

Creating an identity for a brand new craft start up. The client wanted something that represented their thick, unique, handcrafted product and the essentially messy nature of yarn with a bit of personality.

Wulla aim to encourage alternative perspectives to knitting and provoke a different response.

Jodie Bean logo design Refill Reading

Creating the logo concept and design for a local cup recycling campaign run by Transition Town Reading. A clean, contemporary, vector logo for application to window stickers, re-usable cups and website.

Check it out in the press here.

Jodie Bean logo design Skinny Buddha

Creating a logo for a small start up developing health food bars.

This was the original concept of the final design below.

Jodie Bean logo design healthy snacks co

The reconsidered concept for the health food bars above. These guys decided to focus instead on the visual imagery of the nutritious ingredients their product emulated: the hands cupping the fruit but forming the shape of a heart. Bright, energised colours were key to their final branding.